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  • Patient-specific instrumentation may improve outcomes in total ankle arthroplasty

    Patient-specific instrumentation showed several improvements in total ankle arthroplasty compared with standard instrumentation. Improvements included reduced operative time and intraoperative fluoroscopy time.

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  • Effects of supportive and minimalist footwear on standing balance and walking stability in older women

    Footwear has been shown to influence balance and is an important consideration in relation to the prevention of falls. However, it remains unclear as to what type of footwear is most beneficial for balance in older people: sturdy, supportive footwear, or minimalist footwear to maximise plantar sensory input. The objectives of this study were therefore to compare standing balance and walking stability in older women wearing these two footwear styles, and to investigate participants’ perceptions in relation to comfort, ease of use and fit.

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  • How Shin Splints Are Treated

    Treatments for shin splints include home remedies, activity modification, medications, and physical therapy. In rare cases, a healthcare provider may recommend procedures such as prolotherapy (an injectable treatment) and extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) (a noninvasive treatment) for shin splints.

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  • Treatment for Claw Toe Pain

    Claw toe is a foot deformity that causes painful toe-curling. If you have claw toe, your toes will point upward at the joint closest to the foot but bend sharply downward at the middle and third joint

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  • What It Means to Have Cankles

    "Cankle" is a nonmedical term first used in 2001. It describes a thick or wide ankle without clear definition from the lower calf.1 Cankles (a combination of "calves" and "ankles") is not a medical condition on its own. Like any other physical feature, the appearance of calves and ankles varies. For some people, cankles are normal and require no treatment.

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