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  • PRP brings Cobi Morales back to Racing!

    Cobi is a nationally ranked triathlete and co-owner of iRun.  He was also #1 in the world in his age group for triathlon.  A chronic, debilitating achilles tendonitis kept him from training and performing at his true capacity.  This gifted athlete came to my office ready to stop running, ready to have surgery and ready to give up his dream.  Fortunately, a successful platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injection, and rigorous adherence to a recovery protocol, brought him back to racing, and to winning.  Here are his words...

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  • Total ankle replacement gets Shelly back hiking!

    I have been spraining my ankles since childhood. As I aged I was on crutches at least once a year because of my ankles. When I got into my 40’s, I felt I was constantly walking on a sprained ankle. When I lived in New Mexico, I saw a specialist and they made leg braces for me which I wore for many years.

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  • Runner returns to racing!!!

    Meet Ana Cadreche, one of our many athletes! Ana runs 80+ miles weekly and often places in her age group for marathon. She is also a part-time triathlete and a full – time special education Teacher. Ana suffered a stress fracture of her hip, requiring a large metal plate and screw implant to heal the fracture.

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