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PRP brings Cobi Morales back to Racing!

Cobi is a nationally ranked triathlete and co-owner of iRun.  He was also #1 in the world in his age group for triathlon.  A chronic, debilitating achilles tendonitis kept him from training and performing at his true capacity.  This gifted athlete came to my office ready to stop running, ready to have surgery and ready to give up his dream.  Fortunately, a successful platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injection, and rigorous adherence to a recovery protocol, brought him back to racing, and to winning.  Here are his words…

“After trying virtually everything and spending thousands of dollars, I came across Dr Deben. What I am most impressed of is that not only she got me back to FAST running, she also delivered the steps one by one of the PRP treatment. Something hard to get why? Because is not effective to get the treatment done if the procedure doesn’t deliver the following steps into the ultimate recovery. Dr. Deben did and I will be eternally grateful for that.”