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Total ankle replacement gets Shelly back hiking!

I have been spraining my ankles since childhood. As I aged I was on crutches at least once a year because of my ankles. When I got into my 40’s, I felt I was constantly walking on a sprained ankle. When I lived in New Mexico, I saw a specialist and they made leg braces for me which I wore for many years.

As I saw more doctors, I was only being offered ankle fusions. I did not want to lose the motion of my ankle or mobility of my leg. I like to hike and do outdoor activities. So I just sufffered. I used a scooter at work and could barely walk.

When I moved to Florida after retirement, a friend recommended Dr. Sophia Deben for a total ankle replacement. After six specialists, she was the only one that said ” if you don’t fix the foundation, the ankle replacement will fail .” My feet had been flat all my life and looked like pancakes.

She offered me a total ankle replacement as a two-part surgery. The first part to fix my flatfoot. The second to put in the total ankle replacement. I do not even notice I have an artificial ankle. It’s superb. I have a new lease on life. I have no pain. I recently travelled to Arctic to see the Northern Lights. My ankle did not give me any trouble at all. She has gone on to fix my left foot as well. I am able to walk because of Dr. Deben.

I cannot recommend her enough. She is a wonderful person and a great surgeon. She is always available to take my calls and see me when I need. And my feet are great! Shelly Greenbaum